Cowiche Creek Brewing

Progress Updates.

(Newest on top, last updated 10/9/16)

Here you will find what we are working on as we get closer and closer to opening day.

10.6.2016 - Our Fermenters are finally HERE!!!!!

Tanks are HERE!!!!

10.6.2016 - We are picking up tanks today!

Picking Up Tanks

10.1.2016 - We Finally did it! Pouring at the FHAF 2016!!!!

Fresh Hop Ale Festival

9.28.2016 - ADA Pavement sidewalks are going in today.

9.27.2016 - Pavers are done!!!

9.25.2016 - Holy smokes this is a fresh hop beer. Tastes likes melons, fruit and oh yeah a ton of hops.

9.24.2016 - Starting the pavers for the patio...

9.22.2016 - Almost done with the exterior!!!

9.22.2016 - Hood is mounted and plumbing is going in on the production side.

9.17.2016 - Dale and Thad are starting the tile work in the bathrooms. Pays to have hard working friends!!!

9.17.2016 - Greg is helping us with the condensate hood install today.

9.17.2016 - We are a licensed Microbrewery so we are brewing our Fresh hop beer!!!!

9.16.2016 - Finishing up construction for our Group B Well permit.

9.15.2016 - Mounting the HVAC unit at 2 in the morning. Whatever it takes to get this thing done!

9.11.2016 - Painting all the hand railings we built.

9.7.2016 - Brought in a friend to help us with a little compaction before black top. Thanks Dirk!

9.2.2016 - Puttin these things to bed for the night.

9.2.2016 - Starting to pile up.

9.2.2016 - Our Harvest has started....

9.1.2016 - Taping is done...

8.30.2016 - They are done hanging the rock. Now time for tape and texture.

8.27.2016 - Siding is all but done.

8.26.2016 - The first few sheets of sheetrock are up.

8.24.2016 - Spraying a moisture barrier on the cold room before we put insulation in.

8.24.2016 - We got our first order of hops today and they have come full circle back to the farm.

8.24.2016 - Insulation is done!

8.22.2016 - The first batts of insulation going in...

8.19.2016 - Pacific Power is Installing our Electrical Service! No more extension cords!!!!

8.6.2016 - Almost done with the hardie shingles.

7.16.2016 - Thankfully our bathrooms are not done or this would be a bad place to be stuck.

7.15.2016 - Installing the last man door.

7.9.2016 - Backfilling the electrical conduit getting ready for the service.

7.8.2016 - Dug the last of the trenches for power, septic and water.

7.3.2016 - Digging the drain field for the septic system.

6.26.2016 - Can't wait to be enjoying this view with everyone soon!!!

6.25.2016 - Mounting the man doors then its time for a little break.

6.21.2016 - Siding has started. It's getting hot out!

6.9.2016 - Our baby Centennial and Chinook are coming along nicely.

6.2.2016 - Working on a little lanscaping for the porch and water feature.

5.26.2016 - Our overhead doors are finally in!!!!

5.17.2016 - Almost done with the Yard #2's trellis.

5.13.2016 - The cable is getting tight!

5.7.2016 - Almost done setting poles.

5.6.2016 - Setting poles the lazy man's way.

5.6.2016 - Digging holes the lazy man's way.

4.8.2016 - our babies are popping out of the ground.

3.31.2016 - Finally we have lights!!!!

2.24.2016 - Roof is almost done.

2.23.2016 - Starting the roof today.

2.11.2016 - The life of the brewer sometimes includes a hammer and a few saws before any beer.

Trench Drain Filter Box

2.10.2016 - Painting the first coat on the fascia boards.


2.10.2016 - Almost done with our boil kettle. Now we are working on the Mash Tun.


2.3.2016 - The first beer served at the tasting room bar.

First Beer

2.1.2016 - From 66 Feet in the air again.

Big Air Two

2.1.2016 - Just finishing up some blocking today.


2.1.2016 - More blocks.


1/31/2016 - Framing is complete! Time for inspection...

Framing Done

1.31.2016 - Finished the entryway. Starting to look more like a brewery!


1.30.2016 - Welding up one of the several hand railings we need.

Hand Rails

1.27.2016 - Custom trusses for the entryway.


1.27.2016 - Finished staining the entry lumber.

Stained Lumber

1.13.2016 - The roof is done just in time for another taste of El Nino.


1.8.2016 - It has been a struggle with the weather to get this deck on.


12.19.2015 - A few days later and still trying to work around the snow to get these trusses set up.


12.16.2015 - Getting the vaulted scissor trusses tipped up today.


12.16.2015 - All of the scissor trusses are up. Now time to set the porch trusses up.


12.15.2015 - Trusses showed up today and thanks to Structural Component's driver, we got them craned on top of the walls with the truck half burried in the mud.

Truss Truck

12.9.2015 - From 66 feet in the air.

Big Air

12.9.2015 - When you are stuck in the mud, Dad is always there to pull you out!!!


12.7.2016 - Just a small view into the weather we have had to deal with this winter.


12.6.2015 - Maria lifting up the last and largest header while I am relegated to the framing nailer.


12.6.2015 - Day 3 of framing.

Day Three

12.2.2015 - End of day two of framing at 66 feet in the air.

day two

12.1.2015 - First Day of Framing and it is cold!!!

First Day

12.1.2015 - We used the snorkel to set the second wall. A little sketchy...

Second Wall

12.1.2015 - Progress after framing day 1.

Framing Day 1

12.1.2015 - The first wall is up and we are glad the forklift worked because there is no way three guys could stand up that wall.

First Wall

11.30.2015 - Dad is loading up the snorkel so we can use ladders as little as possible.


11.24.2015 - Interstate doing the sawcuts on the slab today.

Concrete Saw

11.23.2015 - We are pooring the slab today.


11.17.2015 - We finished the rebar and drains at 4 in the morning, just 6 hours before our inspection... Which passed!!!!!

ready for slab

11.17.2015 - Getting the drains perfectly level before we concrete in the anchor brackets.


11.16.2015 - Its been a long night but making progress.

rebar at night

11.16.2015 - Rebar is going in and the trench drains are getting bedded in concrete.


11.15.2015 - Compaction is done and we are installing the drains for good.

Trench Drain

11.15.2015 - Welding up our trench drain filter box to keep the solids out of our industrial wastewater tank.

drain box

11.14.2015 - Almost done with compaction.

Dale Compacting

11.13.2015 - Friday the 13th and we get a red flag on our inspection!?!?!? Thank goodness it was just a problem with Yakima County's permit system. We passed and time to backfill.


11.13.2015 - We got our trench drains in just in time for inspection.


11.12.2015 - More of the rough in.


11.12.2015 - Rough in for the effluent side done.


11.12.2015 - Cascade Plumbing putting in the effluent plumbing.


11.12.2015 - Finished the trench drains, now putting them in place for the rough in plumbing inspection.

drians trailer

11.12.2015 - We like a nice neat weld seam on these drains.


11.11.2015 - Building the outlets for our stainless steel trench drains.


11.10.2015 - Started plumbing rough in and backfilling the gravel.


10.9.2015 - Getting the gravel up to grade and starting to get a little tired... But it will be worth it!


10.8.2015 - 12 hours later and the dirt compaction is done. Now we are lining out the trench drains at 10:00 at night. #howmuchlongertildaylightsavings

Compacted Site

10.8.2015 - Sometimes being the President and Owner of the company means bulldogging a jumping jack for your husband. Thanks for your help Maria!!!


10.6.2015 - We got some more help backfilling the foundation from our other generous Father. Thanks Dale!!!


11.3.2015 - Stemwall is poured and we left our mark, even though no one will ever see it after it gets covered up by the green board.

Easter Egg

10.30.2015 - The footing forms are stripped and now we are setting up the stemwall.

Stemwall Forms

10.29.2015 - We got some help pouring footings today from a very generous Father. Thanks Greg!!!


10.28.2015 - Finally!!!!! Permits are issued. Pouring the footings tomorrow. So excited!


10.15.2015 - Building the water falls for the water feature. After all, we are called Cowiche Creek.


10.11.2015 - Our Grass is out of control already!


10.10.2015 - Ready for inspection, then we will pour. Just waiting on the county to get our permits issued.

ready for mud

10.3.2015 - Starting to build the commercial footing forms.

Footing Forms

9.16.2015 - Lawn is seeded, fertilized and giving the seed its first drink.


9.14.2015 - Trenching in the irrigation for the lawn.


9.13.2015 - Finished with the first phase of excavation.


9.12.2015 - Digging footings, backfilling and building the concert terrace.

Dirt Work

5.29.2015 - Putting up the Road Sign.

Road Sign

5.17.2015 - Getting Samples out to a few prospective accounts.


5.16.2015 - Finished the Road sign

Road Sign

5.10.2015 - Twining and training hops


5.9.2015 - Soaking coir twine for the hops

coir twine soaking

5.2.2015 - Making cone bottoms for our brewhouse

making bottoms

4.26.2015 - Testing out our keg washer. Got it down to 6 minutes a keg.

clean kegs

It was a ton of work to get to this point but it makes this beer taste all that much better!

We put as many wet hops as you can possibly fit in a 1/2 BBL kettle. Our fermenters in a little over a week are going to look the same. 28 lbs to the BBL is just barely enough hops.

Brew Kettle

9.15.2014 - Batch #2, using 3 lbs. each of Chinook, Columbus, and Centennial in a 10 gallon batch. Overkill? I think not!

Fresh Hops

9.15.2014 - Testing out drying them and it works great. We won't brew with these but now we know what we will do with our excess hops next year.


9.14.2014 - Now that the picker is working, time to brew our fresh hop beers. This was for the first of 7 batches.


9.2.2014 - It needs a little adjustment but it is working great!


9.2.2014 - This design was not approved by OSHA. They said it looked unsafe. Whatever.


8.28.2014 - Its getting close to harvest, so time to build and test out our hop picker.
Thanks for the help Butch at Dauenhauer MFG!


8.22.2014 - Some Columbus and Chinooks are hitting the top wire and the side arms are getting long!

7.25.2014 - The wires are starting to sag a little with the plants getting heavier every day.

Tall Hops

6.25.2014 - Training is all done and some are over our heads already.

Hops Hops Hops!

6.14.2014 - A day in the life of a hop bine.


5.27.2014 - Drip irrigation is in, starting to feed in some fertilizer and training the most vigorous plants.

Feeding Hops

5.14.2014 - Almost done setting poles and starting to string cable.

Guy Wire

5.3.2014 - Logging lodge pole pine with my brother.

Logging Lodge Pole Pine

3.29.2014 - Just a few of the 2500 rhizomes we planted this year.

wild rhizomes

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