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About us.

We Love Hops. Period. Oh and Beer too. And amazing food. We built this brewery with our own 4 hands from the ground up so we could share our passion of great beer loaded with our Valley's hops, our expansive views of the Cowiche area, and the hand crafted food we love to create, for you.


Growing up as third generation farmers from small towns in Central Washington, we are no strangers to hard work. We built our own brew house, recreated commercial processes and beers, planted hop yards, and set out to build our own style of beers that were less malt and a ton more hops. Not more bitter but instead bursting with aroma and flavor. The citrus, pine, and tropical fruit notes are what we love about our valley's hops.

After a couple of years of brewing dozens and dozens of batches, the brewing experiments had taken over our house. The garage, the kitchen, the mud room, three fridges, a freezer, and a makeshift cold room. We needed a bigger system and more room.

Out came the spreadsheets. Forecasting, the business plan, the marketing plan, COGS, and COGM estimates were built. Budgets, building material quotes, loans, permits, and course of construction insurance followed. September 13, 2015 we started construction. Our budget was tight. Worse than shoestring tight. We had to do as much of the work ourselves as possible to complete it. From Excavation to ADA grab bars, we did it all. The Farmer Way.

Then we started asking people to join our team because we can't do everything by ourselves. We are extremely fortunate to call these indivduals our Team Members.

Our Team:

Tiny Dog

Director of Children Smiles and Excerise

Stephanie Gray

Sr. Director of FOH

Thaddeus Stout

Director of Fabrication

Lauren Leakey

General Manager aka Tells us when the fries are done.

Elijah Tucker

Manager of the Line

Brad Puckett

Manager of Tuesday Smiles

Luke Larsen

Manager of Electronics and all things mechanical

Alison Crisostomo

Overhead Reduction Manager

Glenn Bodine

Manager of Moral Support

Eric Phillips

Manager of Consulting

Nicholas Crider

Manager of Roaming Efficiency

Zuzanna Sochacka

Quality Assurance Manager

Lindy Swale

Remote Events Manager

Zoe Diaz

Manager of Education Outreach

KaNay Peterson

Manager of Float Operations(meaning he floats on all stations, not floating the river. But he does that too...)

Mark Pontarolo

Director of Production

Emma White

Manager of Surge Load Reduction

Nathan Kollman

Inventory and New Ideas Manager

Kate Powers

Manager of FOH

Contact us.

Tap Room Phone: (509) 678-0324

President/Member: Maria Nordberg

Brewer/Member: Derrick Nordberg

Find us.

514 Thompson Rd., Cowiche, WA 98923

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